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Convivial Brands began with one brand that strived to create connections with people by sharing friendship, love, and memories with friends and family via greeting cards. That one brand is Design Design—founded in 1987. Design Design grew, launched more categories, and challenged limits; all with a singular focus, to turn more moments into memories through connecting people to people across the United States.

Overtime, we realized that for us to fulfill our passion, we needed to expand and offer greater opportunities for people—in both the products we create for consumers, and for passionate, hardworking people in their careers.

The physical products we make help people celebrate, and enhance life—sometimes in small, quaint ways, and other times, in big statements. From celebrating a wedding, to giving a small gift of appreciation, each brand produces an end product that intends to make life friendly, lively, and jovial. Ergo, making life Convivial.

Everything we do revolves around making people’s life better—which includes creating opportunities, products, and a culture that strives to do just that.

This is achieved through operating within our Core Values of being Trustworthy, having a Pursuit of Excellence, and exemplifying a Team First mindset. Those three values are what guide are day-to-day and ensure we are moving in the right direction, the right way.

As our lives become busier, and time escapes our grasp, it is more important now, than ever, to enhance all of life’s celebrations, moments, and experiences.

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